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Rug Doctor vs Britex: Choose Right One for your Carpet Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your carpet, is important to extend its life and keep it looking fresh and tidy. Carpets usually attract a lot of dirt and allergens which is hard to get rid of by just regularly vacuuming your carpets. This dirt and allergens which usually consist of pollen, hair, bacteria, fur if you have pets, and various other contaminants it can sometimes aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms for people with respiratory issues.

Rug Doctor vs Britex

Over time accumulation of dirt and other contaminants also create a bad odor, dulls the looks of your carpets, and shortens its lifespan. This leads to a situation where you need to empty your pockets frequently and spend on new carpets regularly which is not a favorable scenario.

When it comes to DIY carpet cleaning things might get confusing when you have to decide which product to go with. Here, we have discussed Britex Carpet Cleaner vs Rug Doctor. These two are the most renowned products when it comes to carpet cleaning. Both their applications and specifications have been mentioned below that would give you the perfect solution for your carpets according to your requirements when it comes to Britex VS Rug Doctor


BritexBritex’s specially formulated carpet cleaning solutions can keep homes clean and fresh more than ever. Research shows that using a Britex Carpet Cleaner with Britex Cleaning Solutions in a high traffic office area, reduces the bacterial load in the carpet by up to 99.95%. It is boasted as “Australia’s favorite DIY carpet cleaning system/product. If you are looking for an economical product then Britex is the perfect system to get professional results at a lower price. Britex is ideal for households and small businesses and office spaces. It comes with a nozzle on the end of the hose which is perfect for cleaning tighter areas and is also lightweight which makes it easier to maneuver. The solution that Britex systems use dries up within 4 hours. Above all Britex Cleaning Solutions are biodegradable and family-friendly.

Rug Doctor

Rug DoctorRug Doctor’s specially formulated carpet cleaning range is designed to transform the carpets into uptight cleaned ones. From ‘Urine eliminator’, ‘Spot stain remover’, ‘High foot traffic cleaner’ to ‘Odor remover’ Rug Doctor has covered it almost every cleaning agent and cleaner machines.  The Rug Doctor Wide Track carpet cleaner comes with a large capacity tank. This model is perfect for cleaning larger homes with less time spent emptying and refilling the machine. This company has been awarded the highest rating by the independent US Carpet & Rug Institute which covers dirt removal, water removal, and carpet fiber retention.  Rug Doctor’s cleaning equipment is perfect for large and open spaces. The upholstery attachment which is a handheld device fixes to the back of the machine and it uses two hoses which divert the flow of the detergent to the attachment and sucks it up later. 

Choosing the right Device and product.

Finally, when it comes to cleaning your carpet a few things need to be taken into consideration like the area you need to clean do you have a staircase in your house or office space, do you have pets or kids in your surroundings, etc. Once you’ve taken note of all this you can take a call between Britex Carpet Cleaner VS Rug Doctor.

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