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camp oven

How to Clean a Camp Oven?- Get Rust off Easy Solution

As the name goes, “Camp Oven,” so does the meaning behind it; A camp oven is a handy, small-sized oven you can take with you while camping/traveling. With the advancing technology, preparing food while camping is becoming easier and comfortable for you through this innovative Camp Oven. Did you know that a camp oven is also known as The Dutch Oven?

A camp oven is a unique cast iron pot with a lid where you can prepare a full family-sized meal anywhere you want. The best part about the camp oven is that you can use it in the garden, out in any forests, or even on your kitchen stove!

How to Clean a Camp Oven?

Cooking meals get messy, so do the pots and pans get dirty too; now comes the lazy part you need to clean the mess. Apart from the mess, camp ovens tend to rust. So how do you clean all this mess? Let’s find out some easy ways to get camp ovens cleaned and make them look all new again.

Before you begin, keep in mind these below things:

  1. Find out how severe the rust is on the oven.
  2. How much time can you spend cleaning it?
  3. And what resources do you have with you for cleaning?

Different methods to clean a rusty camp oven:

  1. Grill rust removal method
  2. Lye solution method
  3. Electrolysis method
  4. Sandblasting method
  5. Molasses method

Firstly before beginning to apply any methods to clean the camp oven thoroughly, clean the rust using a wire brush; if further cleaning is required, you may apply sea salt or baking soda or even vinegar to clean off the remaining stains.

Read below the methods in detail:

1. Grill rust removal method

  • Take a grill if you have any.
  • Put that rusty oven on to the grill.
  • This may need you to be present for supervision.

2. Lye solution method

  • Put your rusty grill in the bucket of Lye solution.
  • Give it some time, and the rust will come out. 
  • This is a time-consuming method; doing it overnight can save you time in the morning. 

3. Electrolysis method

Electrolysis method

  • Submerge your oven in a bucket of water and baking soda
  • Connect a battery charger to it and let it soak overnight
  • The next day the rust would have been shed.
  • This method needs much attention, cause here you will be dealing with water and electricity. 
  • Not a popularly suggested method as it requires much more care

4. Sandblasting method

  • A process using compressed air to rub an abrasive material onto the rusted areas
  • With this method, old, faded surfaces are removed evenly.
  • Time-saving and efficient.

5. Molasses method

Molasses method

  • Make a mix of water and molasses(available in any shop) in any bucket, give it a good stir.
  • Put your oven into the mix and keep it in for some time. 
  • Rub the rusted areas to get it all cleaned

Above were some useful and simple solutions to clean a rusty camp oven. Have you ever tried any of the above measures? If you liked our tips for cleaning the camp oven, make sure to go through our other articles too. Keep reading!

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